miércoles, 29 de noviembre de 2017

Compasses for Professor Lidenbrock

Fortunately, we have compasses to give to professor Lidenbrock. You have made some compasses, so the journey is going on. Here you have one picture with some of your compasses. You can see that all of them work correctly, all of them point to the North.
By the way! What have you learn about magnetism? How does a compass work? Why is there a magnetic field in the Earth?
Don't worry!!! These are difficult questions for students of the first course of ESO. But that the study of magnetism has been very important to know the inner Earth structure. Try to answer them. You know... extra points to travel to the centre of the Earth.

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  1. I have learned that when you rub a needle with a magnet, the needle is electrocuted, it sticks with any other iron and forms a magnetic field.

    A compass is used to know in which direction you go, for example if you are looking to the front you go to the north, if you look to the right you go to the east, if you look to the left you go to the west and you look down you go to the south.

    The magnetic field is due to the movement of the molten metals that form the outer core of the Earth.