lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2017

A cave full of crystals

We are reading chapter 3. This is the first morning after professor Lidenbrock, Axel and Hans climbed down through the crater. The journey continues and they go into a big, dark tunnel. They are walking for a long time when they find thousands of beautiful crystals in the wall of the cave. Crystals, beautiful crystals... Would you like to have some crystals? You don't need to go to the centre of the Earth to get crystals. In fact, it is very easy.
We are going to prepare an experiment to get crystals in our laboratory. But you can do it at home too; in this case you need the help of your parents.
Take hot water and stir salt until no more salt will dissolve. As hotter the water more salt you will dissolve. Carefully pour the solution into a container and leave it somewhere it will not be disturbed (no movement, constant temperature...). Wait and you will grow beautiful crystals.
Take your crystals to our laboratory. You will get points to go to the centre of the Earth.

After Christmas hollidays we have the result of our crystallization experiment. Hear your have some pictures. Have you got your crystals? Take them to the laboratory!

Copper sulphate crystals obtained in our laboratory.

Crystallization I (Maxi Morteyrú)

Beautiful salt crystals, by Claudia Moreno Villegas.

Marvellous crystals, by Iris Luque Barrio

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