lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2017

A compass to travel to the centre of the Earth

Axel, Hans and Professor Lidenbrock have begun the Journey. Now they have climbed down the crater and they are 2.000 meters from the top of Snaeffels. In this morning, after breakfast, professor Lidenbrock looks for his compass to continue the travel but.... he has lost it. So, you have to help him and you are going to make your own compass.
Basically, a compass is a magnetic needle that points to the North. But how a needle becomes magnetised? It is very easy. Take a sewing needle and a magnet. Rub the magnet against the sewing needle at least forty times always in the same direction. The needle should be magnetized.
Cut a circle of craft foam, cork or EVA foam. Take a glass of water. Place the needle on the circle and place it on top of water, just in the centre of the glass. If every thing is correct, the needle will begin to slowly turn around and finally the needle will point North and South.
Make this experiment at home and take your compass to our class. If your compass points to North  our heroes will continue the journey and you will win points.

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