lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

Our first results

After a week, we have our first results. In our control experiments, all the seeds irrigated with water have germinated. But we have observed differences between treatments. Here you have a table with our results. What are your conclusions? Is there any experiment with unexpected results? Will we have to repeat any experiments?

Control plate
Washing up liquid, 5%.
Grease remover 5% and 10%.

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  1. laura domigues olmo 1 b26 de enero de 2018, 2:14

    mi conclusion que yo tomo es que para mi los productos mas toxicos son el detergente 10% el antigrasa 10% y el alcohol10% y de 5% es el detergente y el alcohol el alcohol 5 % tan solo han crecido 5 semillas en cuatro dias .
    En el control que es donde echamos agua han crecido todas ,el primer dia no crecieron pero al segundo dia empezaron a crecer algunas semillas .
    de la concentracion de 10% el primer y segundo dia no crecieron porque al ser productos toxico es mas dificil que crecan el detergente y el antigrasan no han crecido niguna pero
    las que mas han crecido han sido la lejia 10% y el suavizante 10%

  2. After I made the line charts and read the results, I observed that the different products which we used to water the lentils didn’t affect them very much, because many of these plants grew. However, some of these products, such as the antical and the washing -up liquid had affected the growing of the vegetables. Moreover, the plants that received water with 10% of detergent, degreaser or alcohol didn’t grow, so I believe that the recipe of water plus the chemical product has been too strong for them that it prevented the germination of the plants.
    In conclusion, I believe most of the products that we used didn't cause important damage to the plants. Perhaps the lentils won’t get bigger in the future because the solutions could affect their correct development.
    Maximiliano Morteyrú Cornejo.

  3. Hi, Maxi! Are you sure that the products we use at home doesn't affect plants germination? Of course, some of them doesn't seem to have an important effect, for example fabric softener or hydrogen peroxide at low concentrations. But the thing is not only if seeds germinate or not germinate; you have to study how many and when they germinate and compare this results with control plates.
    Nevertheless, it is a very good job!!! Next Monday we will have new results and we are going to begin our experiments with growing and development of plants.

  4. conclusiones de Rocio:
    yo pienso que las semillas eran buenas ya que con solo agua han crecido todas las semillas, pienso que el detergente 5% eds comtanminante ya que no ha crecido ninguna. Lo mismo ha pasado con el alcohol ya que no ha crecido ninguna semilla
    yo pienso que la acetona, la lejia, antigrasa, antical y el lavajillas no es tan malo ni contaminante para las plantas por que han crecido bastante
    pienso que si el alcohol al 10% no crecen, podríamos intentarlo al 5% haber si crecen algunas, sino intentar al 2% haber si tenemos suerte de que no comtamine tanto, asi con todas las cosas que al 10%contamina
    Rocio Fernandez Rodriguez 1B

  5. iris luque barrio 1 A5 de febrero de 2018, 10:47

    The seeds of lentils have an easy to grow, and that is that the products that we have thrown are those that we have in our homes. In the first two days nothing had grown but little by little they were germinating until we got them all to germinate. Of the pollutants I think that the detergent, the alcohol and the anti-fat at 5% and at 10% if that prevents it from fulfilling its process and I think they are the most polluting and are very strong for them. In conclusion, the rest of the products we use are not polluting.