lunes, 29 de enero de 2018

New results

We have repeated some experiments. Seed didn't germinate in water with detergent at concentrations of 5% and 10% (weight/volumen concentration). So, we have studied lentils germination at lower concentrations (1% and 0,5%). We have tested another washing up product and we have repeated the experiment with hydrogen peroxide. In the previous experiment, seeds germinate with high concentrations of acetone; this wasn't the expected results as this product is toxic. So we have tested the effect of nail polish remover on germination as this product contains acetone. No seeds have germinate with concentrations of 10% and 5% (w/v); we are going to test lower concentrations this week. Finally, fabric softener doesn't seem to affect lentils germination as concentrations as high as 20% doesn't inhibit germination.
Please, study this data and make your own conclusions. Write them as comments.

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