jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

The eclipse, in our hands

We had been waiting for it all the week. We had been reading about sun eclipses, about the position of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon in the sky. We learnt how to make weather forecast with the information we could get from weather websites. We all wished to have a great and sunny day.
The weather forecast was for rain; in fact, it was raining at nine o'clock. But suddenly, the clouds just disappeared. And there was the Sun, slowly covered by the Moon. The eclipse had begun. And there we were, with all our instruments prepared to watch the eclipse. Binoculars, special filters, a little mirror, pinhole cameras made by our students...and a skimmer too allow us to watch hundred of small eclipses! All we needed to look at the sky safely. And we also had models of the Sun, Earth and Moon in order to understand how an eclipse works.
Many people came to watch the eclipse: teachers, students, anyone who was interested in the eclipse. Everybody knew that something similar hadn't been watched since 2005; and something similar won't be seen till 2026. So, it was the best opportunity to look at the sky and watch something wonderful.

I know that this was the first time that most of you watched an eclipse, and I am sure that you really enjoyed it. Please, we would like to know your experience. Did your parents, brothers or sisters see the eclipse? Did they like it? Why don't you tell everybody how you and your family lived out this solar eclipse? We are willing to read your comments. And of course, here you have some photos of the day.

Bruno's drawing about the eclipse

Naiara's drawing about the eclipse

Marta's drawing about the eclipse

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  1. Naiara Bouza García26 de marzo de 2015, 6:32

    At the bediginin of the eclipse we went otside with the marth teacher.
    And we saw the eclipse in green, blue and white using differents filters, but never orange or yellow and it was strange for me because I always see the eclipses at the TV and I've never seen the color green.
    The eclipse was fun and beautiful.It's an interesting activity for a class.

    I like this experience and Ilearned a lot of ways to see a solar eclipse and how they are form eol. It was a great class of science for me

  2. irache alvaro vico26 de marzo de 2015, 8:01

    the eclipse of Friday March 20, 2015:
    March 20 Today we have seen a solar eclipse, with special objects, Watching the sun is always risky. Never with or without eclipse eclipse should look at the Sun directly with the naked eye or sun glasses, much less with binoculars, telescopes and other optical instruments, are like giant magnifying glasses to concentrate sunlight and I dañareis view .uno objects we've been staring at it with a few filters approved for this purpose, as calls eclipse glasses if they are certified and recomendas by experts. before this day in science classes taught us to do with a box of zaptos one camera that when we put facing the eclipse was reflected by the back teeny. tambie traimos us mirrors to reflect it on the wall. also told us that we could buy some special glasses for $ 3 eclipses the carton and $ 12 or $ 15 the structure as a spectacle in an optical shop. and that we could buy special filters that are as black crystals in ferreteias filters or masks. no remote day before looking at the time on the internet to see if they would be able to see or not, because of that I learned to look at the time. had also models to better comprederlo. for me the eclipse was beautiful, magical and unique and inolbidable is a unique experience.

  3. Paulina Sedano Montoya26 de marzo de 2015, 9:13

    I really like the solar eclipse because it is beautifull. At the beginning the forecast said that there would be no eclipse, but finally cleared. I did a project with 2 balls and 2 sticks. It was the first time that I see an eclipse and I like so much. It was lock look lije the Moon by day, and It is very interesting. I see with glasses proteccion . The solar eclipse is called Saros 120

  4. Javier Perea Guijarro26 de marzo de 2015, 9:32

    The solar eclipse of the day 20 of March was very amazing.We mustn´t see the Sun directly.For this problem we did Pinholes Cameras and buy filters to see the solar eclipse directly.It´s my first eclipse in my life.I liked this eclipse because it was spectacular watch a part of the Sun was eaten by the moon.Normally it could see once a month of each type o eclipse(solar and lunar),but we can see only two or three eclipses in each year,because of the tilt of the rotation axis.

  5. ANDREA HERNANDEZ PALOMINO26 de marzo de 2015, 12:16

    The eclipse was the best day of the year.It was very beautiful and very exciting.The class made pinhole cameras and models.They were interesting.I tthought about the moon when Isaw the eclipse.The natural science teacher did an experiments.Its was very fun.

  6. Bruno Otero Galadí6 de abril de 2015, 11:40

    Before one month. The sciences' teacher informed me and the class about the parcial solar eclipse "SAROS 120". For the eclipse the teacher informed the class for the weather to the eclipse. The weather was cambed and we doesn't foreseed the weather.
    But... We can saw the eclipse! It was a very good experience!