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Halloween is coming.... and this year is special

But what do we know about Halloween? Since the fifth century B.C. Halloween has been celebrated as a cross-quarter day, a day halfway between an equinox and a solstice. Nowadays, Halloween modern celebration retains historic roots in dressing up to scare away the spirit of the dead. This is the reason why lot of people wear fancy dresses that day. As you know, we are learning about Astronomy in our clases in these days. In my opinion it would be funny to dress up your favourite planet, moon, comet, galaxy or nebula as a Halloween ahd write a short story about your character. I will put in this blog the best drawings and your stories.
But this year the 31st of October is a special day. It is the Dark Matter Day. Most of the matter in the Universe is Dark Matter. But... do you know what Dark Matter is? Never mind!! Time to look for information!!! Please, write your results as comments.
Have a Happy Halloween.

Halloween party at the Solar System

In Halloween, Harley Queen appears in the Sun. Harley Queen is an evil. Her boyfriends are the Joker. She calls the Joker Puddint. When Halloween finishes Harley Queen disappears in the Sun.
Laura Domínguez.

Once upon a time the planet Saturn became a zombie and wanted to eat. the stars. One day, at night, there was only the Moon and there were no stars because Saturn had eaten them.
Maribel Zamora.

Once upon a time, children were saying that in Halloween the wicked Moon was frightening the kids in the dark place in the city.
Nahia Souza

Rocío Fernández Rodríguez

In space was a very standard day for the Moon less for the Earth because it was Halloween. One day of disguise, eating candies and pass it very well. The Moon bends to the land how well it tas happening. I asked the Earth that it is Halloween and it answered that Halloween is a party where people disguise themselves as terrifying beings and they go to ask for sweets by the houses. And the Moon said that if it was a party superamusing and that party of America. The Moon very astonished asked to the Earth if you could joing and the Earth told that she was delighted but the Earth had to disguise herself. The Moon prepared a disguise of a bat and the Earth was very happy and she told the Moon that if someday there is a party they can disguise together and the enchanted Moon said yes and this story is over. Happy Halloween to the Moon.
Silvia María Gámez Calvente.

Iris Luque Barrio

This planet is called "black planet". There, live all the black cats in the universe. It's said that when someone lands in that planet all kind of misfortune happens to him for the rest of his life. Therefore, it is not recommended to aproach there.
Rosa Lens

Moon Charpy
This was once, in a country far away about 9000 years ago or so. A wizard from the country of Fancer made the moon dissapear. The inhabitants could not sleep. It was impossible. One of the girl or a magician or someone to make to the moon return the siquires ran to look for them. The next two days they brought a witch named Charpy and mixed up several spells and made the Moon appear. Everyone happy was made to sleep from that day in the country of Fancer. The moon was called Moon Charpy.
Every Halloween the children of that country draw the moon with the charpy face the witch who saved them.
Ana Cañas

About three millions years ago a star exploded very close to Mars. He was not a normal star because he had a strange illness after a few days and Mars noticed changes. Fangs had grown and he wanted to beat other planets. And from there Mars became the owner of the Solar System.
Lucía López Quesada

Once upon a time a vampire boy who did not like Astronomy... Astronomy and all subjects. His teachers always scolded him and he said that this was not his job to suck blod the humans. The sky learned of this and the cast was become in a very big star that gives a lot of light (the sun). Since then, he follows up by ignoring what was told.
Claudia Moreno Villegas

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