lunes, 9 de enero de 2017

Acid rain and plants growth

We had six plates used as controls with germinated lentil seeds. Three of them have been irrigated with a solution of acetic acid 1%. The rest have been irrigated with water; these are now our control plates. The results are shown in these two pictures. You can see the difference in growth after some days of treatment.

Small lentil plants watered with acid rain.
Small lentil plants watered with water.

We had grown lentil seeds in pots. Half of them were watered with water and the rest with a simulated acid rain (acetic acid 1%). Nine days later we studied the growth of the plants. In this photo you can see both groups of plants.

Plants growth. Irrigated with water (left) and acetic acid solution 1% (right).
We want to study of acid rain affect the growth of plants; so, we had planted lentil seeds and we have measured the length of stems and roots in plants nine days later. The results are in the following tables. The first one shows the results in plants irrigated with acetic rain. The second one shows the results of the control set, irrigated with water.

Plants growth with acid rain

Plants growth irrigated with water.

What do you think about the influence of acid rain on the growth of plants? Are there differences between plants trated with water and with acid solution? How does acid rain affect plants growth? Please, write your answers as comments.

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