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Our experiments with acid rain

You know that rain is an important part of the water cycle. Rain is also very important for life; all living beings need water to live, even people, and rain brings us the water we need. But rain can be dangerous in some parts of the world because of pollution of the air. This rain is what we know as acid rain.
Acid gases are produced when fossil fuels are burned. But nature can also produce this kind of gases in volcanoes. When they mix when the water in clouds it can cause rain to become acid. Lemon juice, vinegar are acids; and sometimes rain is as acid as lemon juice.
Acids can be harmful. If there is too much acid in soil, seeds will not germinate and plants will not grow. Leaves affected by acid rain cannot make photosynthesis.
So, we are going to study the effect of acid rain in plants in our laboratory. We are going to prepare two experiments. In the first one we are going to study the effect of acid rain on the germination of lentil seeds. We are going to prepare some Petri dishes with 16 seeds. We are going to add only water to five of them; we will add different solutions of acetic acid in water to the rest. We will study the germination of seeds in every plate for a time.
In the second one we are going to grow lentil plants until they have leaves. Half of the plants will be watered with fresh water; the rest will be irrigated with a solution of acetic acid. We will study differences between these two treatments. In our blog we will post pictures with our results. Please, contribute to our research with comments.
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And our first results

Two days after the beginning of our experiment, we have our first results. Two seeds have germinated in control plates. No seed have germinated in plates with acid solutions. Here you have a picture of these plates.

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  1. Lidia Pérez 1ºA ESO

    In my opinion our experiments are very interesting and we are going to learn the effect of acid rain in plants.
    I have got a question: Why do lentil seeds germinate without soil?

  2. Seeds only need water to germinate. They have all they need to begin their lives as plants. Later, they need mineral salts. But you have seen. We only put water into the Petri dishes.

  3. Hemos avanzado en el experimento y ya tenemos resultados numéricos.

  4. hello im Andrea and im love plants

  5. hello im Andrea and im love plants

  6. hola soy Andrea y me ha encantado ver como las plantas germinaban han crecido mucho estos ultimos dias y ha sido super chulo estar hay para verlo a y gracias profesor por darnos esos momentos tan divertidos

  7. Alberto del Castillo Esteban8 de enero de 2017, 2:02

    El experimento ha estado muy bien. Me parece que el profesor tuvo una buena idea en planteárnoslo, ya que hemos aprendido el proceso de las plantas al germinar y como les afecta el ácido en su crecimiento.
    Mis conclusiones son que las plantas regadas con agua crecen más que las regadas con ácido. También hemos aprendido que al trasplantar plantas regadas con ácido a una placa regada con agua, el ácido hace que esta no crezca.

  8. Hola, profe me ha parecido un experimento muy chulo. Me ha encantado hacerlo.

  9. Hello teacher, I am Miguel Molina and here I leave you my comment.
    In this experiment we have been able to see the effects of acid rain on the plants. Some of the things we have observed is that the acid slows down its growth and damages the leaves of the plants. Curiosities that have caught my attention are some how the land in some way meant that the acid did not affect the seed much, while the absorbent paper accumulates the acid and affects them more.
    Does acid affect them the same as all plants?.
    If we use other acids will we see the same results?.
    Will there be any plants that withstand very high acid percentages?.

  10. Pablo torres gurrea15 de enero de 2017, 4:12

    Hola soy pablo me ha parecido chulo ver como las plantas regadas con agua ha crecido más que las de ácido, y que al pasar a regar algunas de las de ácido con agua el ácido impide su crecimiento