jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016

About solar eclipses

In these days, we are learning about eclipses in our classes. In my opinion, all of you have understood the relative positions of the Sun, Earth and Moon, both in solar and moon eclipses. So, you should be able to explain what is an eclipse, the different types of eclipses and the differences between total and partial ones.
And as you have asked to me about next solar eclipses, here you have information about those visible from Granada in coming years:
Monday, 21st August  2017 (Partial, 6,3%).           
Thursday, 10th June 2021 (Partial, 1,4%).
Saturday, 29th March 2025 (Partial, 16,3%).
Wednesday, 12th August 2026 (Partial, 95,7%).
Saturday, 6th February 2027 (Partial, 0,5%).
Monday, 2nd August 2027 (Partial, 99,3%). 
Wednesday, 26th January 2028 (Annular, 82,6%).
And here you have a short documentary that we made about the solar eclipse we watched from this school two years ago.
I would like to know your opinion. Please write a comment in English.

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